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Starting from this week, the Noise Collective are conducting a countdown to what we see as the last major festival of the summer – Unknown. Think of it as the grand slam event, the climax of the festival season, the pinnacle of musical achievement. Beach parties, pool parties, boat parties and island parties, there isn’t any summer location that Unknown isn’t partying on. With only a years experience, Unknown has grown exponentially and is fast becoming a rival to its sister-festival, Hideout (hopefully with less loutish ‘lads’).

Unknown will surpass its rivals by combining paradisal setting and music. Through rigorous research, mathematical calculations and general demographic observation, we have drawn up a list of the 5 artists who we think will thrive in this sunny arena.

1.) and 2.) Jackmaster (and) Joy Orbison

Here are two pretty well-established DJs. Although performing separately, they have both been rigorously warming up for the main event through their summer long residency at XOYO. The energy, hype and popularity of this night will seamlessly transfer across europe to Croatia. Given the appropriate setting, these two DJs will draw the crowds through their distinct yet recognisable sounds, their creations of a hedonistic atmosphere, and their natural allure.


They inspire music, they inspire fashion, and they inspire production. Thrown into the shangri-la of Unknown, they will inspire the festival. Sun, sea, sand and the intoxicated audience will, as it has so often done previously, drive Disclosure to be the DJ duo that everyone talks about after the festival is over. Their performance at Glastonbury made the crowds go wild and the unfortunate souls watching at home wish they were that much closer to the ominous white chalk outlined face that has now come to represent Disclosure. This white face at Unknown will be the apotheosis of their festival season.


Mystical, eery, an unconventional exotic sound will erupt that will perfectly accompany and, at the same time, juxtapose the idyllic surrounding landscape. Matthew Barnes is bound to create a cult like ambience at Unknown made up of music lovers, festival goers, utopian hunters. With a headline full of massive names, Forest Swords is one to look out for. His combination of psychedelic pop, fluid dubstep and immersive diegetic sounds will attract the crowds and prompt them into a supernatural, out of body experience. Make sure you don’t miss this hypnotic act as he creates foggy, blurry and brilliant sound.

5.) Giles Smith and James Priestly

Smith and James Priestly are no strangers to the summer daytime party. Through Secretsundaze, the two have firmly established themselves at the forefront of electronic music, and daytime partying. These guys are serious about their high-end house music, and they know how to perform. The trendy Secretsundaze entertains the hipsters of London and has toured extensively, offering the rest of Europe the opportunity to listen to house as it is meant to be heard. Unknown provides the perfect platform for Giles Smith and James Priestly to showcase their mastery of house and electronic music, and they will succeed. Another DJ duo not to miss, this production will encapsulate everything good about house music without any of the pretentious bullshit that is so often attributed to genre.


Unknown is a culmination of a wide array of previous festivals contributing to its uniqueness. There is something for everyone to experience besides music, however, the combination of music and setting is something that will help create the paradisal life that Unknown boasts.


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