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Bonobo Gig – Live review from Rock City

Bonobo – North Borders Tour at Rock City Bonobo is testament to the fact that the sci-fi synthetic sounds created by money-whoring artists who dominate the charts today should, and ...

Original Flavour Flyer

ORIGINAL FLAVOUR. no no it’s pronounced, FlavYAH.

A new night in Nottingham. For us at the Noise Collective, a new venue in Nottingham. And a whole lot of hype. Every window we passed around Lenton there would ...


Foals – Holy Fire

Foals return with an album that challenges their greatly advocated love of pop music through its very anti-pop sentiments and melodies. They definitely led us all into a false sense ...


Justin Timberlake Announces he’s making a return to music

He’s Back! After years spent carving out an acting career, JT announced that he’s returning to what he does best. In an open letter, he explained that last June he ...

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