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The day has finally arrived, and we’re off to Unknown early (as in “far too fucking”) tomorrow morning. The only thing that stands in our way now is a two hour flight on a somewhat sketchy looking airline called “WizzAir” and an (allegedly) idyllic four hour train journey through Slovenia. For some reason I’m envisaging myself as Ralph Fiennes in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Anyway, here’s a quick rundown on who we’re looking forward to seeing on Tuesday night.


Kindness is a really interesting creative talent, writing and performing his own music as well as directing videos, and co-producing with heavyweights like Blood Orange. This is the first of his songs I ever heard and it’s still my favourite by far. Also there’s a cute/slightly awkward video to go with it!



Kim Ann Foxman is one of the relatively recent wave of female DJs currently redressing the massive gender imbalance in dance music. This collaboration with Maya Jane Coles, arguably the most prominent female house artist in the world right now (Paris Hilton notwithstanding), is a really powerful track which we can’t wait to hear played out in Croatia.



“Drone Logic” was the first Daniel Avery song I ever heard, and it instantly went on repeat. Hypnotic and bouncy in equal measure, it lies somewhere between early Prodigy and Laurent Garnier. He plays the sort of sets that surreptitiously draw you in, then bam! Four hours of your life has just disappeared. Did you really just spend it standing in one spot staring at the light show? Yes, yes you did. Now go and get a glass of water.



That’s all from us for the time being, but we’ll be back with updates of all the big moments from the festival!