Ladies and Gentleman, THIS is audio-golden-personified!

Appearing from out of the humble constraints of Los Angeles, California, USC, a true star is in the making as Lincoln Jesser has fully created his own concept-enhanced-audio-package known as Pace.

His fruitful vision and mature foresights overall are to make music that is different from what’s already out there, by combining the best of the worlds that are. Real songwriting with dope, visceral, electro house-pop-whatever beats plagues the way for an entire new craft of present and future tuneage from Pace – from which I’m already getting very excited for. And by those remarks alone from Lincoln, I would definitely have to concur as well.

I literally nearly fell out my Aerialnoise chair with excitement after listening to Lincoln’s “Electromantic EP” in full, as the original instrumentals that are behind the vocals are far more superior than just “any mere basic sound” which would be expected from a newcomer; any further reference to how sublime his production sounds would probably result in my smile being even more bigger than it is, and the gleam from Pace’s melodies putting an instant all-over-tan on any future listeners energetic faces and bodies!

Pace’sElectromantic EP” comes with six mainly vocalized and unique, dancey features. ‘In Play?’ being the only exception of the pack as that reads perfectly in how tremendous an EDM instrumental should be, but as there is always life beyond the Tropicana and the over-easy-cooked eggs come the mornings, Pace was super-kind enough to send us through an Instrumental of ‘Bright Shiny Things’ to enhance his original, clean cut sound even more.

‘Electromantic’ features Simone Battle spitting her lyrics on his track perfectly, with ‘Strangers,’ ‘Glitch’ and ‘Pace Yourself’ also starring to make this EP a six piece glorious n’ uplifting, Oscar-night-delight.

We featured a review of Laidback Luke’s remix of Wynter Gordon’s ‘Dirty Talk’ two weeks ago on Aerialnoise, and then in comes an unofficial version from Pace through his back catalogue to make things as equally as elevating as Laidback Luke’s version.

‘LosAngeleik’ wraps up the latest outtake from Lincoln Jesser’s studio-haven, so if the future is really Orange, then all we’re concerned about is a over flowing abundance of colourful ocean promise, and beautiful dancefloor tunage that only Mr Lincoln “Pace” Jesser can bring.

Now The Pace has truly stepped up!!

PACE – In Play?

PACE – Bright Shiny Things (Instrumental)

WYNTER GORDON – Dirty Talk (Pace Remix)

PACE – LosAngeleik

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