Snowmine – Curfews

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Music Blogger YVYNYL is involved in so many projects, it’s hard to not be a total groupie of his. As a follower on Tumblr and Twitter, his latest project was with Brooklyn’s SNOWMINE and Philadelphia’s Weathervane Music Organization. Mark Schoneveld (genius and beloved father of YVYNYL) premiered a Shaking Through session featuring an interview and a new track from our favorite experimental pop band.

The Shaking Through video is attached below along with “Curfews”. First, I encourage you to watch the video because there are exciting news from SNOWMINE. After that, give “Curfews” a full listen. SNOWMINE continues to impress us with their complimentary pop layers. Let them musically and physically warm you up.

Download: Snowmine – Curfews

Shaking Through: SNOWMINE    

Click here to view the embedded video.