Can it get any better than this???

OTT’s edit of ‘I Can’t Shake This Feeling’ isn’t just oozing in reach & clarity but pure driven soul and old skool funk. Just magic.

With ‘Indian Burn’ having the power to create a Garfield the cat smile on my face during each and every word that I write here is understandable enough. And reason why that this track is immensely bloody good!

(Goodness knows what I’ll be like on the dancefloor then!!)

‘Hot Mess’ soon follows, hurried in by ‘I Got SWAG’ looping the chic. And to wrap it all off into a grand prized burrito is ‘Move’ which makes this a vintage and presently-classic Over The Top essential selection. Lets boogie! Phew!!

KLIQUE – I Can’t Shake This Feeling (Over The Top Edit)

OVER THE TOP – Indian Burn

CHROMEO – Hot Mess (Over The Top Remix)

BOOGIEPOP PHANTOMZ – I Got SWAG (Over the Top Remix)


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