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Dana Ruh – Naturally

It’s a story often told that when artists decide to start making music for themselves rather than with a view to getting gigs, or when they begin to create free..

DJ Koze – Amygdala Remixes #2

The second remix EP for DJ Koze’s stellar Amygdala album is handed over to two fellow German producers with a simi..

Ø [Phase] – Remixed

Although he’s been making records for nearly ten years, Ø [Phase]‘s Frames Of Reference, released last year on To..

Joey Anderson – After Forever

Joey Anderson has gradually built a dedicated following with trippy house on modest labels like UntilMyHeartStops, Syncrophone and his own Inimeg. As with many ..

Light Year – Come Together

Sydney’s Jordan Feller has been skirting the fringes of house and techno for a while now. He’s best known for his blog-friendly electro as Light Year, a project..

Adultrock – Chants

Irish producer Gav Elsted has a background in alt-rock (as opposed to Adultrock) but there’s little evidence of that on this EP of hazy house and gauzy electron..

Gobby – Wakng Thrst For Seeping Banhee

Gobby has a defiant attitude that matches his label, UNO, a New York outfit that casually drops albums and confounds expectations for fun. His deconstructive—or..

Glimpse – Baretta

After Runner, his bubbly, African-influenced album for Crosstown Rebels in 2010, Christopher Spero’s Glimpse projec..

Hodge – Amor Fati

Jake Hodge has been a presence in Bristol’s underground for some time, but it feels like he’s only hit his stride in the past year. His work as one half of deep..

Physical Therapy – Million Years Crushed

A man goes to Berlin and falls in love with techno—Daniel Fisher’s story would be vanilla if his music were as such. But the New Yorker’s idea of the city’s sou..

Detroit Swindle – Boxed out

Back in house music’s early days, it was common practice for European producers to use pseudonyms in order to be mistaken for natives of Detroit or Chicago. Thi..

Ricoshëi / Dave DK – Perfect Like You / Woolloomooloo

Ricoshëi’s “Perfect Like You” first emerged on DJ Koze’s XLR8R podcast, where its saccharine lyrics an..

Scuba – Phenix 1

Phenix 1, says Scuba, is the first instalment in a trio of EPs he’ll be dropping on Hotflush this year, which sounds a bit like releasing an album by ste..

Dillon – The Unknown

She isn’t the first artist to weave together elements of pop, folk and electronica, but on her 2011 debut, This Silence Ki..

Ducerey Ada Nexino – Cycles, Children & Islands EP

Over the past half decade or so, Yuji Kondo has been crafting dense, cerebral rhythms under his given name and the alias Ducerey Ada Nexino (he’s also half of t..