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Dave Saved – Power and Silence: Deindustrialization

Italian producer Dave Saved’s debut on Astro:Dynamics last year was a wash of foamy synth jams and gently gurgling rhythms. Now he returns with an EP on Gang Of..

K. Leimer – A Period Of Review (Original Recordings: 1975 – 1983)

Once in a while, a reissue or compilation will shine a light on artist who clearly deserves it. That RVNG Intl. are behind A Period Of Review ought to le..

Wolfgang Voigt – Rückverzauberung 9 / Musik Für Kulturinstitutionen

With so much new music out there, you may wonder why Resident Advisor is reviewing a CD, limited to 500 copies, that was conceived not as an album but as..

Blond:ish – Wunderkammer

Anstascia D’Elene and Vivie-Ann Bakos’s two EPs for Kompakt to date have dolloped psychedelic textures onto Cologne-style beats. In making Wunderkammer, ..

Conrad Van Orton – Captivity Archives

Tangram is a new label run by Italian producer Conrad Van Orton, who’s been crafting tough, often tense techno over the past few years. But the two original tra..

Campbell Irvine – Removal Of The Six Armed Goddess

Infrastructure co-head Dave Sumner (AKA Function) pitched Campbell Irvine as an “outsider” artist months before Irvine’s debut release. The phrase perhaps does ..

Jim-E Stack – Tell Me I Belong

If the title of James Harmon Stack’s debut album seems like a plea, it might be because the Brooklyn producer doesn’t fit into any particular scene. Having move..

Bronze Teeth – O Unilaterialis / A Waif’s Rent

Bronze Teeth is the new collaborative project between Richard Smith, who, under the name L/F/D/M, made his debut last year with Purple Maps on Optimo Tra..

Flowdan – Serious Business EP

Serious Business is an apt title for this EP by Roll Deep MC Flowdan, given that it’s his debut solo record, and one that pulls absolutely no punches. Th..

Prayer – Knowing EP

Prayer is a London-based newcomer faced with the unenviable challenge of stepping out from the shadow of another, much better known producer. The mournful synth..

Calyx & Teebee – Fabriclive 76

Over time Calyx & Teebee have become poster-boys for powerhouse drum & bass, balancing macho aggression with a nimble sense of rhythm. Calyx’s 2005 LP No Tur..

Samuel Kerridge – Deficit Of Wonder

Samuel Kerridge’s first release since the excellent A Fallen Empire LP offers few surprises but does build on the ..

Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Yin Yang Theatre

Apparently inspired by Jaakko Eino Kalevi’s realisation that confrontation and patience are equally important approaches to dealing with life’s challenges, Y..

Inkke – Crystal Children

Glasgow’s Inkke is one of the latest producers to spring forth from the UK’s instrumental grime scene, and this EP is his first official release. That it’s the ..

Rodriguez Jr – Persistence Of Vision

Mobilee’s pool parties in Spain have become an essential part of summer for many. This four-tracker from Olivier Mateu is squarely aimed at these events (sure e..