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Let us all “Shake” off the dust with Moon Bounce and his multi-directional music video [Video]

With a name like Moon Bounce, the kid inside me teems with excitement. After listening, the all but seasoned music listener I have become has no problem legitimizing this giddiness. Corey Regensburg of Philadelphia sings his own songs and writes his own beats; the sort of creativity we love at EARMILK….

Tom Misch and Bearcubs team up, show us the “Colours Of Freedom”

Tom Misch has really had his hands full recently. Alongside a forthcoming EP with Carmody, he’s recorded a Soulection EP, several solo productions, and a barrage of other collaborations. Not your average workload for an 18 year-old. In his latest endeavor, Misch teams up with fellow brit, Bearcubs. They swirl their key flavors into a beautiful collab entitled…

Vindata teams with vocalist Kenzie May for instant hit “All I Really Need”

Few songs come through these days that have instant remix factor. For reference, Breach’s “Jack” and Lorde’s “Royals” are two of 2013′s most remixed originals and it’s easy to see why. The instantly recognized vocals backed by the perfect simplicity of the production tend to provide a perfect formula for…

Newcomer Hugh Cosby plucks at your heartstrings with “Lover’s Holiday”

Burlington-based producer and DJ, Hugh Cosby, has been making music for close to a decade. With 7 years of classical piano, 4 of jazz, and DJing since the Bar Mitzvah years, he’s certainly got an ear for a good melody. His first and latest release, “Lover’s Holiday” displays portions of…

Cosmo’s Midnight transforms Panama’s “Destroyer” into a melodic trap delight

You may remember our interview with Cosmo’s Midnight from June of last year, but the Aussie twins are back with a remix of Panama’s indie track, “Destroyer”. Fine-tuning some of the reverb and avoiding the overpowering Sigur Rós influence of the original version, the duo gave the remix a one-two…

String Instruments Break into Dance Music with New UK Sound from Clean Bandit

The United Kingdom has been experiencing a surge in amazing artists and music. After Disclosure blew up mid-2013, many similar musicians found a clear path to eager listeners laid out in front of them. It also helps that the world is steadily realizing that cookie-cutter electronic music just doesn’t cut…

Beach Season – Internet Evening [EP]

Opening the new year for us is the 20 year old Canadian wonder, Beach Season, who just premiered his debut EP – Internet Evening – on Close To Modern. Although the name might not sound too familiar to many people, the musically inclined psychology student from Calgary isn’t necessarily a…

Bonobo Gig – Live review from Rock City

Bonobo – North Borders Tour at Rock City Bonobo is testament to the fact that the sci-fi synthetic sounds created by money-whoring artists who dominate the charts today should, and surely will, realise the errors of their ways. The British

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ZEDD x EMPIRE OF THE SUN x MAT ZO x CRYSTAL WATERS – Gypsy Is Alive (Eluusif Mashup)

Instead of relying on intuition and insight to be that inner-edge to reveal the truth behind any current issue or problem, the inaccurate trend seems to rest more on what others tell each other – and to instead – embrace the ever-complex logic of paranoia and misdirection. If a poll has been cast and all [...]

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Introducing.. SOVNGER

Coming via Paris and Strasbourg, French producer Sovnger is coming with all guns blazing. Taking the safety cap off with vengeful behaviour, Sovnger provides a hammer blow called ‘Ash.’ |   Tracklisting:   |   Power Of The Brain Mix   | 00:00 to 01:13 – How To Use The Brain More Effectively (Intro) 01:14 to 03:42 [...]

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Introducing.. BROWSERS

When you wholeheartedly know what is right, it is immediately easy to see what is clearly wrong. The Browsers from Paris know that there is a path of hefty hard work laid out in front of them, but they are both refusing to lie down and to give in. Throughout the war of the narrow-minded, [...]

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Before the realms of The Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks and the Bermuda Triangle were contemplating the idea of creating a spawn from the DNA chromosomes of Kardashian and West, that fictional dream was only the thought of unreality and folklore. Now that those idealistic threads have been shattered into the grains of non-fiction, we can [...]

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Introducing.. NEW WORLD PUNX

An excited hush washes over the darkened arena, intense anticipation filling the air as thousands of world-weary club-goers await the spectacle about to ensue. After a hair-raising intro conjuring an edgy, dystopian future.. Boom! White-hot lights illuminate the two electronic dance music heavyweights onstage together, and now, they are ready to do battle. Each one is [...]

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CITY 17 x DEADMAU5 + “Ignite It EP”

Known formally as Touch Bass, City 17 go for the Lucky Charms + Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes route via their eyebrow raising and reverb-flavoured bootleg of Deadmau5’s melodic bomb ‘Strobe.’ Loud, rough and a little bit gritty around the edges, the inclusion of some sharp sawtooth effects saves this remix from the AN audio shredder. ‘Ignite [...]

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kORBian x FRANK OCEAN + “Levit8tion EP” + “House 2013 Mix Session” + “NYE Set” + ‘Moved (Every) Time’

Effervescent house music is in the building tonight – courtesy of UK’s kORBian. Ditching the unique dots that came at the start and at the end of his name, kORBian seals the deal with some playful, melodic key tones on ‘Moved (Every) Time’ and a clever re-interpretation of R&B’s popular chart mogul, Frank Ocean. Accompanied [...]

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