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Dillon – The Unknown

She isn’t the first artist to weave together elements of pop, folk and electronica, but on her 2011 debut, This Silence Ki..

Ducerey Ada Nexino – Cycles, Children & Islands EP

Over the past half decade or so, Yuji Kondo has been crafting dense, cerebral rhythms under his given name and the alias Ducerey Ada Nexino (he’s also half of t..

GoldLink and Sango cross paths, say “Wassup”

On the first day of April, music received a hip-hop resurgence via GoldLink’s debut project, The God Complex. The DC rapper’s variable flow and uncanny energy made sizable waves across the net. After rocking the Soulection showcase at SXSW, GoldLink teams up with Sango in lieu of their performances at the Broccoli City Festival.  “Wassup” takes shape…

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Discover exactly why The Blancos are such ‘Heartless Romantics’ on new EP

The Blancos continue to make an urgent, fast-paced push towards stardom with the release of their highly anticipated 6-song effort entitled the Heartless Romantic EP. With only close to 90 days in existence, the duo has accomplished more than many others do in a year or two. It is without…

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Main Course releases another free album: ‘The Remixes Vol. 02′

While many simply discuss the unoriginality of electronic today, Main Course actually does something about it. The brainchild of Neoteric, Astronmar, and Bot has made a name for itself by dishing out all the innovative electronic production one can handle, for free. Today the international, collaborative collective returns to the…

Louis Futon shows you how to “Break It Down” with Logic remix [Download]

There’s a massive new sound coming out of Philly right now, and if you haven’t heard of power duo Louis Futon yet, then you need to start catching up – like right now.  With a funky, chilled-out, early summer vibe, this remix of Logic’s ”Break It Down” is about to become your new…

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Deorro collabs with Adrian Delgado on “All I Need Is Your Love”

Deorro’s rise to fame most closely mirrors the American dream, a tale of hard work and dedication that ultimately brought success beyond his wildest imagination. The chosen leader of the Panda Fam and resulting head of his own Panda Funk collective has established himself as a mainstay in the electro…

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Kano and Ghetts share the crown on the aggressively brilliant “The Kings Speech” [Download]

The term ‘legendary’ gets thrown about far too easily these days, especially when it comes to music. It’s always a bit of a taboo subject amongst fans as to who exactly deserves their name to be held in such high regard, and I’m sure many arguments have broke out amongst…

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Vestige throws down with original trap banger “Yoppers”

Easter’s not until Sunday, but it looks like we may have had the Second Coming a little bit early this year. I’ve been praying for something especially dirty, and I think my prayers might have just been answered.  I’m assuming most of you haven’t already heard of Vestige, so you’re…

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DVS1 – Lost Myself

Zak Khutoretsky’s music is like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Mr Universe prime. Muscular and perfectly proportioned, every element has been individually honed t..

Bufi’s new ‘Salvaje’ EP is a deep and alluring thrill

Mexico’s Mateo González, known as Bufi, has been rising in his country’s dance scene over the past couple of years. Meanwhile, he’s been releasing remixes and original tracks on several leading disco house labels including Kitsuné, Tigers On A Leash, and On The Fruit Records. His latest EP comes via…

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Gazzo remixes Breathe Carolina’s “Bang it Out” (Feat. Karmin) [Premiere + Download]

There are times when a track seems to scream out that it’s ready to be remixed, and that’s the case with our latest premiere. Last week the Denver-based electro pop band Breathe Carolina posted their latest track that if we can call ourselves clairvoyant, will be a massive summertime party…

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Kygo keeps up the “Shine” with Benjamin Francis Leftwich remix [Download]

Usually when somebody says they like “all types of music,” or a common variation, “all kinds except Country,” they really mean “I like Top 40 hits and nothing else.” For me, this is particularly annoying, especially since I consider my own tastes to hit all across the spectrum (Country is…

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Joel Baker releases the nautical touched visuals for “Every Vessel, Every Vein” [Video]

Singer/songwriters are more common than stars in the sky, so to set yourself apart from the rest you need that extra something special. Whether it be a certain sound that hasn’t been done before, or that outstanding voice that makes peoples ears stand up, you’ve definitely got to have something…

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Glasgow-based Turtle drops newest alt-electronic rework [Premiere]

Following the unveiling of Turtle’s debut EP titled Who Knows (which was originally released via Beatnik back in October 2013), Jon Cooper returns with a series of reworks. The singer, songwriter, producer heavy-hitter has already taken on Lyla Foy’s ”Left to Wonder” as well as Rare Monk’s ”Splice”, but today is premiering his latest addition to the series…