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TAKE US TO VEGAS – ‘Apparently It’s Frowned Upon’ + “The Road Ahead” LP

Comprised of five watertight musicians, Ryan Goodall, Alex Reichelt, Liam Hennessy, Nicholas Bellringer and Dean Parke fuse together their collective punk rock, rock and heavy rock spirit. Providing far too many sparks of fire to this canister of petroleum nitrate they’ve provided, when combined, they let our ears onto massive thread-course of thrashing guitar lines and belligerent drum [...]

MICKEY feat. BILLIE – Weekend / JEREMY GLENN – Partytime / “Smile Podcast #7” [Smile Recordings]

Belgian based Smile Recordings and Dutch independent label Spinnin’ Records have formed an impossible allegiance and have teamed together to make an effective business partnership. Smile’s #008 label release from producer Mickey & vocalist Billie, takes a wickedly modern electro-flip through two incline roads named Funky Fat & Little Loud, and an original weekend fragrance that is as [...]